About Arnaud Maitland

Arnaud Maitland, JD, MA Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy and Psychology, senior student of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, studying and working in Rinpoche’s organizations since 1977. Arnaud is an international retreat and seminar leader and is currently director of Dharma Publishing and Center for Skillful Means. Author of two books, MasterWork – Mastering the Energy of Time and Living without Regret – Growing old in the Light of Tibetan Buddhism, Arnaud currently lives at Ratna Ling, the home of Dharma Publishing and Dharma Press.

Curriculum Vitae

Born 1946, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

Law degree, VRIJE Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Nedlloyd Shipping Company, 3 years in New York City(executive trainee) and 3 years in Hong Kong (line manager)

Berkeley, California, meeting Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche at the Nyingma Institute in Berkley, California

MA Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy and Psychology, Tibetan Nyingma Institute in Berkeley

9 months
Time, Space, and Knowledge – a new vision of Reality Program, a new book by Rinpoche and teaching Kum Nye, Gesture of Balance and first seven chapter of ‘Kindly bent to ease us’, Volume 1

Helped to build Odyian Englightenment Stupa and asked to become resident teacher of Nyingma Institute of Boulder, Colorado

Classes and retreats in various of Rinpoche’s books; twice a year retreats in Europe

Dean of Tibetan Nyingma Institute in Berkeley, California, Four 4-Months programs plus three 2-Months programs (working with
Knowledge of Freedom), six 1- month programs, three  ten days Longchenpa’s teachings, three On time and death retreats plus four 9-months weekly classes on Kum Nye and Nyingma Practices and Dharma, all part of the so called ‘Mandala Program’

During this period accomplished large sacred art projects called ‘ Gestures of Balance’:

  • 108000 3” tall tsa tsas
  • 108000 10” tall Padmasambhava statues
  • 1080 each of the eight famous stupas ( 22’ tall)
  • Twenty five altar statues with halos

Director Dharma Enterprises, a commercial printing, binding and typesetting company in the San Francisco Bay area to generate funds for building the country retreat center Odyian, while practicing Skill Means at work.

Teaching weekly classes in Dharma topics such as The Voice of the Buddha, Path of Heroes, Longchenpa’s Kindly bent to ease Vol I- III, Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava, and annual retreats in South America and Europe

Living and working at Odyian Retreat center and teaching annually in South America and Europe and five years team leader of the annual Nyingma Monlam, Bodh Gaya ceremony in India

MasterWork – Mastering the Energy of Time (Dharma Publishing)

Living in The Netherlands, teaching at the Nyingma Center Amsterdam, Koln, Germany and twice a year to Brasil and Argentina, Bodhgaya

Living without Regreat – Growing old in the Light of Tibean Buddhism

Director of Dharma Publishing and Center for Skillful Means.

Three annual retreats at Ratna Ling/California  (2005 -2012), plus annual visits to South America and Europe, offering teacher trainings in Kum Nye, Skillful Means and Dharma. Supporting the building 20 feet tall Padmasambhava statue, 20 feet tall Longevity Stupa, fifty two 4 feet tall Stupas plus 2500 tsa tsas and 1800 Buddha statues ( 10”)

During this time Dharma Publishing published  … new books, reprinted  books plus sacred art materials of all kinds, re-edited the Jataka series, started eprograms online and

2012 the Dharma Publishing Academy on line, with over 160 lessons and programs in Kum Nye, Skillful Means, Kum Nye Meditation, Dharma, visualization, Mantra plus regular webinar seminars and webinar retreats conducted online via webinar.

The Center for Skillful Means had … programs and large consulting jobs such with the university system of California.

Total monies donated to Nyingma organizations by teams led by Arnaud Maitland between 1980 and 1917 $13 million plus all sacred art expenses (except bronze for Padmasambhava statue)



  • Ratna Ling retreat center, Cazadero, California
  • Tibetan Nyingma Institute, Berkeley, California
  • Nyingma Centrum Nederland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Nyingma Gemeinschaft, Koln, Germany
  • Kum Nye Group, Munster, Germany
  • Centro Nyingma do Brasil, Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • Centro Nyingnma de Budismo Tebtano, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • Kum Nye Group, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Kum Nye group, Malvern, England
  • Kum Nye group Clermont Ferrand, France