2018 Kum Nye Teacher Training Level 4

Kum Nye Healing

A Healing Circle Retreat and Webinar

February 10–18, 2018


10:00am – 2:00pm ART/UTC

with Arnaud Maitland


What can I do for myself and what can I do for others?

Good intentions are important! They can direct your energies towards wholeness, and lead to an open heart and mind. When guided by Kum Nye practice, your creative imagination becomes a powerful tool. The path of Tarthang Tulku’s Kum Nye teachings awakens an open mind in a healthy body, thus allowing creativity to become your way of being.

Through Kum Nye we discover our natural openness and willingness to care, and we also learn how to inspire others as well as ourselves.

As we freshly and directly engage each situation, self-healing begins. We then go further and deeper, and intentions become more intimate and selfless.

Through these Kum Nye Healing teachings, you will learn the following practices, and be empowered to share them with others:

  • How to melt tensions and activate the flows of life’s energies in every nook and cranny of the body — then each part of the body becomes a source of energy and knowledge;
  • How to open the senses 360 degrees, in all directions;
  • How to release residues of the past from the heart;
  • How to heal the demanding, needy “I”, which is in the center of experience;
  • How to balance the different realms of your life;
  • How to heal the main chakras;
  • How to become familiar with the invisible realm, which spans past and present time;
  • How to channel energies;
  • How to reclaim the experience your life;
  • How to use the elements, senses and colors of the mandala.

Kum Nye Healing includes theory and practice from Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s three Kum Nye books, as well as mediation, mantra, visualization, and prayer.

We will look at individual cases, such as how to be of help to yourself and others, especially to the young and dying.

Daily we will explore the power of a healing circle!



9-day webinar: US$595
9-day full time retreat: US$1000


Ave Maria center near the city of Luan, Buenos Aires, Argentina



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